Whether you are an entrepreneur or a visionary business person ambitious to grow your business…

We offer you the opportunity to open your own shop, kiosk or to get the advantage to sell our specialty unique products in the place you already own to generate cash flow right away.

A new business partnership

We have the right product, know-how and support you need to get your business open and to run and earn.

This is not just a franchise

We supply you with everything you need to open and operate your own independent business.

Contact us at +351 961418768 or fill out the form on our Contact page. We will immediately email you about our options with detailed information about our company, our products and our wholesale pricing.


You will have your own unique shop. You own your own independent business. We do not place any restrictions on where and how you sell Epos products. You can sell from your retail location, farmers markets, online or to wholesalers and other retail locations.

If you are successful, then we are successful. We’ll do everything in our power to make sure we have a long and profitable business relationship.


  • Unique

We offer an extensive selections of natural soaps from Edremit, Turkey, This is the place famous worldwide for its soaps and olive oils.

  • Hand-crafted

Our products are hand-crafted and therefore we are able to provide the freshest, highest quality product possible.

  • Natural 

We have specialty products produced from natural herbal extracts and oils of highest quality and 100% pure extra virgin olive oil.

  • Healthy

Epos Olive 100% pure extra virgin olive oil soaps are being produced for the health of the skin and hair as well as for unique bath pleasure.

Getting started

We can help you to select a great location in Algarve, get necessary permits and licenses, devise a business plan, and train you and your staff to ensure your success.


They are produced from 100% pure extra virgin olive oil of edible quality with natural ingredients.


They are preservative-free, hand-made natural products. They help protect the environment and do not pollute rivers.


They are gluten free and free of animal fats, eco-friendly products, produced for the health of your skin and hair.