From tree to table

Olive oil is produced by collecting the freshest form of the olive from the tree. So it adds flavor to your meals as an organic product. The foodstuffs we consume today, especially processed foods, contain a large number of various chemicals.

First of all, we should not forget the fact that Olive can be described as a fruit and Olive oil as a fruit juice. When squeezing the juice, the more fresh and healthy fruit you squeeze, the better juice you will get. The same general rule applies to olive oil, and the less waiting until pressing after the olives are harvested, the better start we will have for production.

One of the two basic oils that should be found in our kitchen is genuine village butter and the other is cold pressed olive oil.

Olive oil is healthier than other oils because it continues to be resistant to oxidation after it enters our body as a building block as well as in the bottle. It means that the oxidizing agent deteriorates under the influence of oxygen. Unnecessary and excessive oxidation can cause cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease and many other ailments.