A Hidden Treasure – Portuguese Olives

The worldwide production of olive oil is dominated by those countries surrounding the Mediterranean.

Portugal is a country mostly under the influence of Mediterranean climate. And the olive trees have been in the Portuguese landscape since the unknown times.

The quality of the soil and the climatic variations of Portugal determine the varieties of the olives and the quality of the olive oils produced. Despite its relatively small size Portugal manages to rank as the world’s 8th largest producer of olive oil at around 50,000 tons.

There are six regions with Protected Designation of Origin in the production of olive oil in Portugal. The olive oil produced in these regions is an essential ingredient in the Portuguese cuisine. These regions are Trás-os-Montes, Beira Interior, Ribatejo, Moura, Alentejo Interior and Norte Alentejano.

What makes the Portuguese olive oil so unique?

    • Fruity, sweet flavor, 
    • Golden yellow green in color,
    • Notes of green ripe fruit
    • And always with low acidity.


This is Portuguese olive oil.